If you’ve read our Strategic Development Strand report, you’ll know that we have big plans for developing peer review within the Impact & Insight Toolkit. The Peer Matching Resource going live is just the beginning!


We will be collaborating with organisations registered to participate in the Strategic Development Strand to develop the peer survey in a way that will achieve maximum insight for NPOs, as well as for the Arts Council. After considering existing research and approaches, these organisations will help us to test alternative versions of the peer survey. We will share these progressions as they develop.


In the meantime, if you are a Toolkit user keen to add further questions to the current peer survey template, you might wish to consider adding the following questions based on the AQA questions you are already familiar with:


  1. Please give details of the context you bring to this review

For example, how familiar are you with the organisation, the work or the artists/practitioners involved?


  1. What was interesting about the concept and vision of the work?

For example, how strong was the idea behind the work? Did the work explore issues which are relevant and important to society? Did the work reflect the diversity of contemporary society?


  1. How well was the work executed?

For example, was it well thought through? How did you rate the production and presentation standards of the work in terms of lighting, sound, use of space, use of materials, overall layout/hang, graphic design, ‘interpretive’ design; use of digital technologies?


  1. In what ways was the work original or innovative?

For example, how was the work different to things you’ve experienced before? If it was a revival of an existing work, was it shown in a fresh context or from a new perspective? What risks did the work take and were they successful? How does the work contribute to the development of the discipline?


  1. What impact did the work have on you?

For example, how deeply were you absorbed in the work and why? Did the work make you think differently? How did it make you feel?


You can incorporate these questions into one of your evaluations either by creating a new peer-specific survey, or by adding question logic to the self and peer post-event survey template. If you would like some support on how to do this, you are very welcome to get in touch with us and we will happily guide you through the process.


Image credit: pexels.com