Audience Finder

Complementary to the Impact & Insight Toolkit, Audience Finder is another tool that many National Portfolio Organisations use to gather data on their audiences. Below are a brief description of the tool and some quick links to more detailed information that may interest you.

Audience Finder is a national audience data and development programme, enabling cultural organisations to share, compare and apply insight.

It is developed and managed by The Audience Agency for and with the cultural sector, and is funded by the Arts Council England.

Audience Finder provides tools for collecting and analysing data in a standardised way which builds a clear picture of audiences locally and nationally. The results help organisations to find new audience opportunities using a range of tools, features and support, including user-friendly reporting dashboards, online mapping and insight tools, and the opportunity to work in collaborative, data-sharing groups.

All of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisations (NPOs) are required to submit an Audience Report, which is produced within Audience Finder, to Arts Council England each year as part of their annual return. The report produced contains a summary of the Audience Finder core survey data and/or* ticketing data that the NPO has contributed to Audience Finder over the course of a financial year.

For support resources for Audience Finder, please visit The Audience Agency’s online support helpdesk.

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