Completing and Distributing your Survey

Once you have been through the Configure, Design and Invite stages, you have created your survey and will be taken to the survey Summary page.

Summary page Culture Counts

Here you will be shown an overview of the survey, with the number of questions you have included, a list of the self and peer assessors you have added and a summary of the survey results so far. You can return to this page at any time to see how your survey is progressing, and which of your nominated respondents have completed their surveys.

Distributing the Survey to the Public

The Summary page will contain the links (URLs) for your survey. There will be a separate URL for each of the different delivery types (Online, Interview & Display) that you selected at configuration stage. It is important to use the correct URL for each method. To distribute a public survey, simply copy these links and use them in the relevant locations. For example, for a survey to be administered by interviews, enter the Interview link into the browser of your iPads or tablet computers. For a survey to be distributed via email, copy the Online link and paste it into the email you are sending to audience members/visitors.

Before distributing the survey, we recommend you click on Preview to the right of the survey link so that you can make sure the survey looks just as you intended it to. The preview link will open the survey in a new tab for reviewing, but will not record any data.

Please remember that using the Online, Interview or Display link will always record the response as public, regardless of which survey it’s associated with.

Distributing the Survey to Peer and Self Respondents

The easiest way to distribute a survey to self and peer respondents is to send email invitations to your nominated assessors via the Culture Counts platform. If you scroll to the bottom of the survey Summary page, you will see that the system automatically generates a unique link to the survey for each of your nominated self and peer assessors. Each self and peer assessor must be sent their own unique link, and it’s easy to do this via the platform. On the Summary page, click the Send invitation button next to your first self or peer assessor. A dialogue box will open to allow you to draft your invitation email. The unique survey URL for that particular respondent will automatically be included in the email.

distributing survey to self and peers

If you are asking self and/or peer assessors to complete both a prior and post survey, you need to invite each assessor to complete the prior survey first. Within each prior survey, Culture Counts automatically asks respondents when they are planning to attend the event. This date will show up in the survey Summary page, along with notification that the peer or self assessor has completed their survey. You will know to send self and peer assessors their links to the post-event survey once they have completed the prior survey and attended the event.

Seeing the Results

Once you’ve completed the evaluation and collected the public, peer and self responses, you are able to see your results on your Reporting dashboard. On the front page of your evaluation you should click on ‘Go to report’.

evaluation dashboard in Culture Counts

The Culture Counts platform will present:

Real time graphs which can be viewed online or downloaded into a pdf format or zip file:

Example report summary page

You have the option to download the Culture Counts generated charts, either as a .zip file, or as a complete .pdf file. If saved as a .zip file, you can extract individual charts to use as you like, for example in your own presentation documents.

CSV raw data which is downloaded into Excel for you to conduct further analysis:

csv data in excel

This allows you to view the data you have collected in an Excel document, where you can conduct further analysis. At the end of this document, you will find links to instruction videos explaining some of the basic analyses you can do using Excel. If you need to upload your data into another survey platform, this is how you will access the raw data and manipulate it accordingly.

To download any of these, simply click Export Evaluation on the top right-hand side of the main Reporting page.

*Please note, the links above will take you away from the Impact and Insight Toolkit and to YouTube. Please ensure you are happy for this to happen before clicking and have familiarised yourself with their cookie and privacy policies.

Next to Export Evaluation is the option to Prepare Insights Report. Dependent on the questions asked in your surveys and the structure of your evaluation, it may be that your Insights Report will automatically populate. Other instances may necessitate manual report creation.

For more information on interpreting the Reporting dashboard visit the next section of the Platform Guide here.

If you’re looking for guidance on preparing your Insights Report, click here.

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The information on this page was last updated on 22 April, 2020.