Creating Your CPP Annual Evaluation Report

As a Creative People and Place, you are required to submit the findings from your 4 mandatory evaluations to your Relationship Manager via an agreed reporting template – Annual Evaluation Report. This file is designed to support you in your creation of the Report.

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If you have used the Impact & Insight Toolkit to evaluate your projects, you will be able to create an Annual Evaluation Report (hereafter referred to as Report). Once you have finished collecting data for an evaluation year, April to March, you are ready to create your Report for submission to Arts Council England (ACE). Your funding agreement requires you to create your Report and share it with ACE as part of your May payment condition. The Report will contain graphs and insights from the 4 evaluations conducted over the previous evaluation year. It is an opportunity for you to reflect on your evaluated works; it should be used to inform conversations about the impact your deliveries as a Creative People and Place organisation have on those that experience your work. Please click here to see an example Report, referenced throughout this document and included in the Appendices.




Download the Charts

From your Culture Counts dashboard, select the first of your 4 evaluations from the left sidebar. Next, click on Go to Report to be taken to the Analytics section of your dashboard, with which you should already be familiar (see Fig. 1).

Fig. 1

In the top right-hand corner you will see two buttons: Prepare Insights Report and Export Evaluation. Click on Export Evaluation. Then, click on Download all charts (zip) (see Fig. 2). All charts relating to that evaluation will now be saved as images to your computer.

Fig. 2

You will need to do this for all 4 evaluations you wish to include in your Report.


Set Up the Report

You will need to open a word processing programme; we use Microsoft Word, but you can use other programmes such as Pages. Ensure that your document’s orientation is set to ‘Horizontal’ (see Fig. 3).

Fig. 3

You should ensure that your organisation name and the funding year is displayed on every page; we suggest that this is achieved through the addition of a header.


Introduce your Report

The first page of your Report should be used to introduce your organisation and the 4 evaluations you have selected to include (see Appendix 1). Please note that the ‘Evaluation Type’ can be one of two options and will depend on the template selected at evaluation creation stage: Events and Artist Led Participatory; Co-Created Participatory.


Present your Findings

The Report must include:

  • Introduction and Aims of the evaluated work
  • Self before vs. Public Graph (having downloaded all charts, this graph will now be saved as an image on your computer)
  • Reflections on Dimension Results

(see Appendix 2)

If you have collected data beyond the dimensions, you are welcome to include this if you think it will be informative for your Relationship Manager, adding context to the interpretation of dimension results (see Appendix 3).

You need to present your findings on all 4 of the evaluations.


Share your Findings

Having created your Report, you need to email it to your Relationship Manager. We would encourage you to discuss the Report with your colleagues and other appropriate stakeholders to ensure you get maximum benefit from the process.



Appendix 1


Appendix 2


Appendix 3


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