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When you set up an evaluation in Culture Counts, we strongly recommend you also add metadata tags; these are descriptors of your event which will enable you to make more detailed comparisons between your evaluations over time, or against aggregate data sets. If you intend on submitting this evaluation to Arts Council, these details will also give your Relationship Manager important context when reviewing your evaluation report.

To enter your event’s details, click on the Properties tab in your dashboard.

Screenshot of properties in Culture Counts

Scroll down the page to add your event information.


1. What type of event are you evaluating?

First, tick ‘Event’ and choose one of the options you are shown beneath: exhibition, festival, performance or participatory. Further down you will be able to add more specific tags.


2. Which artforms does your event include?

You have a wide selection of artforms to choose from to describe your event. You may tick as many as you feel are appropriate.


3. Add keywords*

Choose from a wide range of keywords to describe your event. These can include artwork attributes, including media, subject, genre, and time period, as well as audience attributes, artist attributes, purpose of the event and place.

Please click save at this point in the process to register your changes.


4. Event location

Add where your event is taking place. If your event is touring, or takes place in multiple locations, you may add these addresses. This tool is powered by Google so you can enter any address as you would do in Google Maps. Finally, if your event is touring, you should also indicate this by clicking ‘Yes’.


5. Attendance Size

If you know the size of your audience, include this number in the ‘Attendance’ box. This will enable you to view margin of error calculations in your Insights Report, helping you to determine how representative your dimension averages are of your total audience.


Properties can be added to your evaluation at any time – you might choose to add these data tags after the evaluated work has taken place, or part way through. This is an opportunity to provide more context to your Insights Report and to provide the wider sector with more nuanced data for analysis.


*If there are any keywords you feel should be available for selection that aren’t currently, please let us know.

When you do so, please tell us:

  1. The keyword you would like to see
  2. Which ‘category’ it falls into. The options are:
    • Artist name
    • Subject
    • Audience attribute
    • Medium
    • Process
    • Presentation
    • Chronological style
    • Transaction
    • Purpose
    • Genre
    • Cultural origin
    • Place type
    • Artist attribute

Any additional words will be considered on a periodical basis and, dependent on the quantity of requests we receive, they may be made available in your dashboards.


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The information on this page was last updated on 22 April, 2020.