We have always been open to receiving feedback from users of the Impact & Insight Toolkit but now, with organisations resuming more ‘normal’ operations, we think this is a good time to seek more formal feedback.  Responses to this survey will inform our future engagement and support offer.

Here is some ‘good to know’ information:

  1. This feedback survey will take approximately 3 to 4 minutes to complete
  2. All responses are anonymous (unless you choose to provide contact details)
  3. You can return to this survey repeatedly as you engage with us on an ongoing basis

The link to this survey sits within our email signatures and the monthly e-newsletter*, so do keep your eyes peeled.

Of course, we are still happy to receive your phone calls and emails; this more formal version doesn’t replace the service we already provide.  We are just keen to have a more quantifiable version of feedback so that we can continue developing our guidance and supporting users in the most effective way.

In advance, thank you for your contributions!

* Don’t receive the newsletter and would like to?  Let us know!



Photo by Hybrid on Unsplash