Full List of Dimensions Currently Available to All Toolkit Users

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In the ‘Dimensions Category’ there are 6 drop down lists containing the following dimensions:

ACE Core Dimensions

  • Captivation: ‘It was absorbing and held my attention’
  • Rigour: ‘It was well thought through and put together’
  • Distinctiveness: ‘It was different from things I’ve experienced before’ ’
  • Relevance: ‘It had something to say about the world in which we live’
  • Challenge: ‘It was thought-provoking’
  • Concept: ‘It was an interesting idea/programme’
  • Excellence: ‘It was one of the best examples of its type I have seen’
  • Risk: ‘The artists/curators really challenged themselves with this work’
  • Originality: ‘It was ground-breaking’


Cultural Experience Dimensions

  • Local Impact: ‘It’s important that it’s happening here’
  • Presentation: ‘It was well produced and presented’
  • Imagination: ‘I expect it will open my mind to new possibilities’
  • Authenticity: ‘It had a connection to the State/Country we live in’
  • Innovation: ‘It was introduced to the audience in a new way’
  • Cultural Contribution: ‘It provides an important addition to the cultural life of the area’
  • Inquisitiveness: ‘It made me want to find out more about the artwork’
  • Enthusiasm: ‘I would come to something like this again’


Participatory Dimensions

  • Organisation: ‘The project was well organised’
  • Responsiveness: ‘The organisers responded well to the needs of the group’
  • Support: ‘People in the group supported each other’
  • Acceptance: ‘I felt like I could be myself’
  • Belonging: ‘They made me feel part of the team’
  • Voice: ‘My ideas were taken seriously’
  • Authenticity: ‘It felt like a real artistic experience’
  • Enjoyment: ‘I had a good time’
  • Experimenting: ‘I felt comfortable trying new things’
  • Friendship: ‘I felt close to other people involved in the project’
  • New People: ‘I got to know people who are different to me’
  • Contribution: ‘I felt that my contribution mattered’
  • Feedback: ‘I got helpful feedback’
  • Artistic Skills: ‘I improved my artistic skills’
  • Confidence: ‘I feel more confident about doing new things’
  • Creativity: ‘I feel more able to express myself creatively’
  • Empathy: ‘It helped me understand other people’s points of view’
  • Identity: ‘It helped me to see myself differently’
  • Motivation: ‘I feel motivated to do more creative things in the future’
  • Skills: ‘I gained new skills’
  • Stretch: ‘I did something I didn’t know I was capable of’

*Please note that the wording of these statements is that of a post-event public survey and that within the platform, wording will vary slightly depending on the type of survey being created.


Placemaking Dimensions

  • Local Impact: ‘It’s important it’s happening here’
  • Connection: ‘It helped me to feel connected to people in the community’
  • Heritage: ‘It made me feel connected to a shared history/culture’
  • Participation: ‘It encouraged me to participate in community activities’
  • Celebration: ‘It celebrated my own cultural heritage’
  • Nature: ‘It made me feel connected to nature’
  • Access: ‘It gave me the opportunity to access cultural activities’
  • Place: ‘It made me feel proud of my local area’
  • Awareness: ‘It opened my eyes to issues in the environment’
  • Understanding: ‘It helped me to better understand the place and people where I live’
  • Content: It reflected a broad and inclusive range of voices’
  • Respect: ‘It gave me greater respect for cultural diversity’
  • Community: I feel a sense of community here’
  • Pride: It strengthened my cultural pride’


Frequently Used Custom

  • Heritage: ‘I was clear about what we were here to achieve’
  • Insight: ‘It helped me gain new insight or knowledge’
  • Interpretation: ‘The information about the exhibition was clear and helpful’
  • Celebration: ‘It celebrated my own cultural heritage’
  • Family: ‘I explored and learnt together as a family’
  • Networks: ‘It connected me with other people in my field
  • Achievement: ‘I was amazed by what we achieved’
  • Intensity: ‘I felt deeply involved in the process’
  • Opportunity: ‘The project opened up new opportunities for me’
  • Intention: ‘I felt able to shape the intention of the project’
  • Clarity: ‘I was clear about what we were all here to do’
  • Creative Legacy: ‘I now have creative ambitions I didn’t have before’
  • Worldview: ‘It helped me understand something new about the world’
  • Mental Wellbeing: It had a positive impact on my mental wellbeing
  • Trust: ‘I trusted the other people involved’
  • Respect: ‘I was treated as an equal’
  • Physical Health: It has a positive impact on my physical health
  • Vibe in place: I enjoy the vibrancy here


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The information on this page was last updated on 10 June, 2021.