Last year, when arts organisations began to switch their programme delivery to online platforms, Counting What Counts (CWC) responded quickly to support the sector through the creation of an online works evaluation template.

This year, we have found ourselves in a similar position with the continuing COVID restrictions compelling arts organisations to consider alternative approaches to programme delivery. Whilst online delivery has continued to be a great option, CWC has also noted the increasing number of organisations preparing for a summer programme of outdoor events and performances instead. As ever, we are keen to support the sector gain insight on the impact of their programmes and, for this reason, have been developing a series of survey questions designed specifically for outdoor arts (OA) evaluations.

We are pleased to announce that the question bank, containing questions suitable for evaluating OA, has now been developed. We encourage you to pick one or more questions to enhance your evaluations of any OA experiences. The question bank can be used by arts organisations that are testing the OA waters, and also those that have significant experience in delivering OA events.

The development of this question bank began with deep-dive review of previous evaluation research for OA and identifying a series of relevant questions. In March, we used these questions to kick start a discussion with NPOs, ACE and external peers in order to hone the questions and finalise a question bank. You can see the original call out for contributors here.

We would particularly like to thank Without Walls for their significant contribution to this consultation process.

It is important to note that the question bank contains a set of questions that can be used to embellish surveys containing dimension questions. It is not anticipated that you will choose to add all of the OA question bank questions, but is instead a collection of questions from which you can select and add to your survey if you wish.

Within the Culture Counts platform, you are able to simply select the outdoor arts specific questions you would like to add to your surveys – nice and easy! On the ‘Design’ page of any survey click on Question Bank and then select Outdoor Arts. Scroll through the list of questions and select those you would like to use.


Click here to download the question bank for Outdoor Arts

For clarification, these questions are designed to support you in your evaluation of OA works. They will assist you by providing additional information as to the respondent’s experience, helping to frame your received dimension results and further your understanding.

We are keen to hear how your use of these questions has contributed to your knowledge of the impact of your Outdoor Arts events, so do let us know!

With many thanks to all contributors to this area of development work.



Featured Image Credit: Photo by Slim Emcee on Unsplash