In 2019, we delivered a webinar and provided some thoughts on conducting an evaluation at outdoor events, focussing on data collection methods. In light of restrictions over the course of 2021, and a subsequent increase in arts events occurring outdoors, we are keen to support you and ensure that you can achieve insight into the works you are delivering. We know that there may be important factors for you to measure in addition to the standard dimensions, as well as the necessity to detect bias when analysing your results. That is why we are keen to develop a small ‘question bank’, containing questions of specific relevance to understanding the impact of outdoor arts. The questions contained within this ‘bank’ will be used to embellish surveys containing dimension questions. The question bank needs to contain ‘optional extras’ that will be useful for seasoned outdoor arts organisations as well as those that are maybe foraying into the arena for the first time.

Not all questions need to be suitable for all organisations, but all organisations should be able to choose a couple of questions that will be useful for them.
Having reviewed previous evaluation research carried out in outdoor arts and liaised with relevant professionals at Arts Council and across the sector, we have written a series of questions with a view to kick-starting a conversation about forming this question bank for outdoor arts evaluations.
However, we know that you will have been surveying your audiences at outdoor arts events for years and we are obviously keen that your expertise informs the question bank. That’s why we are reaching out to you and asking you to share best-practice question schedules and/or ideas. We want to collaborate with you to ensure that this small question bank captures genuinely useful information about the experiences of attendees at outdoor arts events.
If you want to contribute and inform us on what you already ask attendees about their experiences, we would love to hear from you!
We would also like to gather your feedback on whether the proposed question bank is:

  • Useful as a starting point for those looking to use the Toolkit to evaluate outdoor arts events
  • Missing any crucial factors to evaluating outdoor arts events
  • Containing questions which you think are less important in helping you understand the impact of your outdoor arts events

Of course, we do not anticipate that the final question bank will contain everything one may wish to ask, but instead offers a well-considered and focussed starting point for those evaluating outdoor arts events. We expect and encourage you to add in your own bespoke questions that reflect the specific creative intentions that you have for a particular piece of work.

Please do get involved!

Update: We are thankful to everyone that has contributed to the development of the Outdoor Arts Question Bank. The bank has now been developed and information can be found here.


Image Credit: Intrinsic Motions by MB Photography