Strategic Development Strand


The Strategic Development Strand presents an exciting opportunity for Arts Council funded organisations to work with Counting What Counts to build the best possible Impact & Insight Toolkit to meet the needs of the arts and cultural sector.


Organisations that have registered to be involved in the Strategic Development Strand are invited to workshops and to engage with online activities, according to where their interests lie.


Originally intended to be a 12-month long project, the number of requests and suggestions made by workshop attendees indicates that the Strategic Development Strand is an ongoing process of collaborative development and improvement over the course of the project.


With more than 100 Arts Council funded organisations opting to be involved in this strand of work, we foresee this being full of interesting discussions and activities, enriching the Impact & Insight Toolkit and, ultimately, evaluation in the arts and cultural sector.


In March 2019 we held an initial round of six Strategic Development Strand workshops in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and two in London. For the full report on the opening meetings we held in March 2019, click here.