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Mandatory Evaluation Guidance

It is a mandatory requirement for band 2 and 3 National Portfolio Organisations (NPOs) to undertake a minimum number of Impact & Insight Toolkit evaluations each year. These requirements are outlined here.


How to Use Culture Counts (Platform Guide)

This guide will help you find your way around the Culture Counts platform and is sure to answer many of the technical questions you may have when getting started.


Toolkit Checklist

An easy-to-work-through checklist to help you keep track of the steps you need to take to successfully complete a Toolkit evaluation.


Next Steps


Advice on How to Approach an Evaluation (User Guide)

This section will get you to start thinking carefully and strategically about how to shape your evaluations in order to make the most out of the Impact & Insight Toolkit.


Peer Review: For NPOs

Read here about the peer review process and the principles of peer review as part of the Impact & Insight Toolkit. This section also holds answers to some of your FAQs including who should be a peer reviewer, what’s involved and why it’s important.


Peer Review: For Interested Professionals

If you’re interested in being a peer reviewer for the Impact & Insight Toolkit, this page will give you all the information you need to understand what is involved.

Specific Topics


Participatory Evaluation Guidance

If you plan to evaluate a participatory project using the participatory metrics, this section will help you to plan and strategise your evaluation; it differentiates this process from that of public-facing events.



Guidance for Interviewers

This section outlines the key information your interviewers need to know to successfully collect survey responses using Culture Counts. It also includes a link to an instructional video we created on our YouTube channel.


Carrying Out Paper Surveys

This section explains when it is and when it is not appropriate to use paper surveys and the reasons why. It also includes a diagram to help you choose the best delivery method for your public surveys.


Working with Audience Finder

The Audience Agency, Counting What Counts and the Arts Council want to support NPOs to use the two systems together as cost-effectively as possible and ensure that the process of contributing data and feedback is straightforward and engaging for audience members; This document offers guidance for NPOs on how to manage both tools alongside each other.

Visit our YouTube channel for more videos, covering specific topics such as:

If you didn’t attend one of our induction events in January 2019, the video below is a perfect place to start familiarising yourself with the Impact & Insight Toolkit.

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