Arts Council knows that because of COVID-19, the audience data and insights NPOs collect might be limited, so they’ve produced some guidance to help NPOs know their expectations (financial year 20/21).

For more information, please click here to read their guidance for NPOs

Impact &
Insight Toolkit

A new resource to help Arts Council England’s funded organisations to evaluate the impact of their work on the people who experience it 


Just in case you missed it earlier in the week, check out our new guidance doc on GDPR Considerations for Touring Organisations! A handy read for future planning and a collaboration with @katyraines

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What is the
Impact & Insight Toolkit?

The Impact & Insight Toolkit provides arts and cultural organisations with a shared approach to evaluating their work. The Toolkit uses sets of metrics to explore what audiences, participants and peers think about a performance, exhibition or project. The resulting insights can be used to inform future practice, whilst helping to build a greater understanding of the cultural sector as a whole.

Download our Project Summary for more information.

Understand people’s perceptions of your work and how this aligns with your creative intentions.


Inform and enrich the conversation between the Arts Council England and arts organisations about the impact of funded work.

Create a large-scale data set that builds shared understanding of the value of cultural experiences.

Over 700
Registered Peers

A powerful and ever-growing network of cultural sector peers are helping toolkit users to evaluate their work

Guidance and

The Impact & Insight Toolkit comes with a full suite of support and best practice documents, training sessions and webinars. If you ever get stuck and can’t find the answer, our helpful team is on hand to offer assistance.

"For me the primary aim of the data and of this programme in general is not to benefit the Arts Council internally, it is very much about being developed for the benefit of the organisations involved and helping them to inform their creative process"

– Darren Henley, CEO, Arts Council England.

Arts and Culture

The Toolkit is a place to connect with peers and experts, to share knowledge, insights and best practice.  If you have a story or case study that you would like to share, get in touch!

Talawa Theatre Company

Talawa Theatre Company

With many thanks to Talawa for sharing their insights on using the Toolkit across several events in the Summer of 2020. Written by Melise Bicep, Development & Marketing Coordinator at Talawa Theatre Company In March 2020, Talawa Theatre Company was about to open...

A New Design Feature for your Surveys – Required Questions

A New Design Feature for your Surveys – Required Questions

Due to feedback and requests from users of the Culture Counts platform, the team has developed a new feature in the platform – to allow for a response to a question to be required in order to progress with a survey. Read this post to find out more.