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Demystifying Dimensions

‘Dimension’ questions are a central component of the Impact & Insight Toolkit.  But what are these ‘dimensions’ and where do they come from?   What are ‘dimensions’? Dimensions are standardised


Reporting On-Demand

This blogpost provides the background and additional information regarding the Reporting Dashboard.  If you are looking for guidance on how to create the reports and interpret charts, please look at


Ambition and Quality: Putting it into Practice

Introduction At the beginning of April, Counting What Counts (CWC) launched the updated version of the Impact & Insight Toolkit (Toolkit) to support the National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) cohort in


The ‘New’ Toolkit Project – Your Questions, Our Answers

Having recently been chatting more about the ‘new’ Impact & Insight Toolkit, some great questions have been presented to us.  Whilst we have responded directly, we would like to share


What’s Coming Next?

We’ve learned a lot and we’re making changes! Read on to understand the new things that are coming your way from April 2023…   In July 2022, CWC decided it


Preparing for the 2023-26 ACE Funding Period

Check out the process by which we will be providing access to the new and improved Impact & Insight Toolkit, alongside the gradual termination of the current Toolkit project.


Ambition & Quality; Quality Evaluation Frameworks

Establishing an evaluation framework is incredibly useful when it comes to evidencing commitment to the Ambition and Quality investment principle.


The Ambition & Quality Investment Principle ‘All Wrapped Up’ in the Toolkit

Whilst Christmas it not yet upon us, Counting What Counts (CWC) already has its eyes firmly on the New Year, and we want to share with you exciting news about


A Handful of Lessons

We’ve learned a tremendous amount over the past 4 years of delivering the first iteration of the Toolkit


A Statement from the Director

The Impact & Insight Toolkit will continue to be a resource available to NPOs from April 2023


Working with a Data Analyst

We decided to work with a couple of our users to do a more in-depth analysis to help them better understand their data and to work together on a case study to demonstrate the value in consistent evaluation and thoughtful analysis.


Considering frameworks and the selection of LE-PANAVA

Let's consider some examples of frameworks for mapping or measuring emotions, before introducing the framework that we have implemented.