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Counting What Counts is proud to be delivering the Impact & Insight Toolkit project, alongside our partners, to support arts and cultural organisations in learning about the impact of their works, using data in decision-making and capturing their commitment to Arts Council’s Investment Principles. As part of this, we have commitments to you.


Our commitments are:

  1. To provide value to organisations choosing to use the Toolkit, whilst also being easy to understand and implement
  2. To consider the needs of the organisations or individuals who are using the Toolkit and the public who receive their work when designing tools, methods, and guidance materials
  3. To move towards a more rigorous approach for collecting and analysing data, whilst taking into account the specific needs of arts and cultural organisations
  4. To deliver a personal, competent, and friendly customer service to anyone who requires support
  5. To be open and transparent with research and findings, whilst also valuing data privacy


Our overarching commitment is to support users of the Impact & Insight Toolkit achieve maximum insight into the impact that their organisation has on the communities that experience their works.