NPOs who attended the Impact and Insight Toolkit induction sessions will know that many of you were interested in our plans to help you identify and select peers using a new feature in the Culture Counts platform that we’re going to launch in the coming weeks.

The Platform and User Guides on this website offer practical advice on how to select peers, and then manage them in Culture Counts.

If you are going to carry out any Toolkit evaluations imminently, please go ahead and invite appropriate peers that you already know, using the Invite segment of the survey builder. A peer can be anyone whose opinion you value and doesn’t have to be from another NPO.

The new Peer Matching element of the platform will allow you to search and find potential peer reviewers that have agreed to share their details in a peer database. We are currently testing the feature on our development server and will shortly be inviting you to use it.

You will remember that Band 2 and 3 NPOs have to nominate at least one staff member to act as a peer reviewer for Toolkit evaluations. Their details will go onto the peer database, and we will work with you, ACE, and other partners to encourage a wide range of talented individuals from across the cultural sector to sign up. As more peers register, the Peer Matching feature of the Culture Counts platform will make it a quick and easy process for you to source different types of peers for your Toolkit evaluations. We will be back in touch with you shortly inviting you to both sign up to the peer database.