Counting What Counts is committed to sharing research findings and analysis with the arts sector and beyond. Below are reports of the research we have undertaken.


Data Research Report: How who we are influences the creative works that speak to us

This report examines how different artforms speak to different groups of people in different ways. By looking at responses to the Impact & Insight Toolkit surveys, grouping the responses by age group and gender, we start to see some indicative patterns and relationships which we think merit further discussion and enquiry.

Sentiment Framework Research Report: Recommendation report identifying existing sentiment frameworks suitable for the Impact & Insight Toolkit

This report identifies and recommends existing sentiment frameworks suitable for the Impact & Insight Toolkit. The report has been conducted in response to NPO requests for new sentiment dimensions to capture overall feelings among audiences and peers. NPO feedback at the Artform and Museum Metric Strand workshops suggested that the Toolkit needed to capture a breadth of emotions, including negative feelings. Identifying an appropriate sentiment framework will allow CWC to implement a new set of sentiment dimensions within the Toolkit.

Demographics Questions Review: Recommendation report identifying a richer set of demographic questions suitable for the Impact & Insight Toolkit

This report acknowledges the importance of asking demographic-based questions within Impact & Insight Toolkit surveys.  It details research that has occurred and recommendations that have emerged from this research. This report also explains how these recommendations will be implemented within the Toolkit for the remainder of the project.