Peer review is a vital element of the Impact & Insight Toolkit, enabling organisations to understand how their work is perceived within their artform or specialist field.


To help support the peer review process for NPOs, we have created the Peer Portal, a resource which aims to create a network of arts professionals who are keen to support a rich process of critical reflection across the sector. As of April 18th, staff from NPOs, and other interested arts professionals, have been able to register as peer reviewers to the portal for the Impact & Insight Toolkit.


Toolkit users are now able to explore the Peer Matching Resource, a database of peer reviewers to invite them to see their work so that they learn from their invaluable feedback. Available peers can be filtered by specialism and location; users can then invite them to act as peer reviewers for Toolkit evaluations.


So if you are interested in using your skills and knowledge to help develop creative projects and support artform innovation do read our guidance Peer Review guidance and sign up. If you’re interested in registering but are not from an organisation registered to use the Toolkit, please contact us directly for assistance. It is important to note that the Peer Matching Resource can only be accessed by organisations that have registered to use the Impact & Insight Toolkit.


We have designed the Peer Matching Resource to significantly streamline and improve the peer selection process for NPOs using the toolkit, making it much easier to identify and select peers. Do get in touch with the CWC team if you have any questions or reflections on these new features. Our whole approach to the development of the Toolkit and the Culture Counts platform is that when we release a new feature we seek detailed feedback from our users to assess what implementable refinements would be usefully made.


We have already invited some NPOs who have signed up to the Peer Review workstream of the Strategic Development Stand to share their early feedback on the Peer Matching Resource with the development team at Culture Counts. We hope you enjoy using this new resource.

Check our Youtube page for a full walkthrough video.

Image credit: Monica Coenraads