The Quality Metrics National Test 

The Quality Metrics National Test was the precursor to the Impact & Insight Toolkit. The reports below detail the process and its findings, and provide an excellent background on the Toolkit’s beginnings.

Quality Metrics National Test

The Quality Metrics National Test involved the recruitment of 150 National Portfolio Organisations (NPO) and Major Partner Museums (MPM) to use the quality metrics and Culture Counts platform to evaluate three events, exhibitions or performances between November 2015 and May 2016. The metrics originate from a commission in 2010 by the Department of Culture and the Arts in Western Australia in which Michael Chappell and John Knell were entrusted to work with arts and cultural organisations to develop a metrics system which uses a combination of self, peer and public assessments to capture the quality of cultural experiences.

Quality Metrics National Test – Participatory Metrics Report

This report was designed to build on previous Arts Council England funded work led by Matthew Bourne / New Adventures. Within the Quality Metrics National Test, 10 NPOs were recruited to refine and test a set of participatory metrics developed through a previous trial. The core aim was to produce an improved set of participatory metrics that aligned with CYP quality principles and would be suitable for the diversity of organisations represented in the portfolio.

Testing the Accessibility of Arts Council England’s Quality and Participatory Metrics

Shared Intelligence, The Mighty Creatives and Sarah Pickthall, a specialist in disability inclusive best practice, were commissioned by Arts Council England in December 2016 to test the accessibility of the Quality and Participatory Metrics that had been developed by and with the sector, to help organisations understand and measure the quality of their work. This report outlines their findings.