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Question Bank Contents:

1. Introduction


The Question Bank is an expanding library of predefined questions developed through research, co-creation and by looking at questions commonly used in the Culture Counts Platform. These questions include categories such as participatory work, outdoor arts, online work, sentiment measurement and demographics.

2. Using the Question Bank


The Question Bank can be found in the ‘Add Content’ panel of the ‘Design’ page, below the ‘Dimensions’ button. This will open a new window with a library of questions you can easily add to your survey.

Screenshot of the 'Design' page with an arrow pointing to the Question Bank button


From here you can search for the question you’re looking for or filter questions by category. Categories may be updated and vary slightly from what is seen in the images below.


Screenshot of the 'Search' function being used


The Question Bank includes categories such as:

  1. Participatory – a collection of questions designed to support you evaluate participatory experiences. Read about their development in our Participatory Works guidance.
  2. Outdoor arts – a collection of questions designed to support you evaluate outdoor arts events. Read about their development in our Outdoor Arts guidance.
  3. Online works – a collection of questions designed to support you evaluate online works. Read about their development in our Online Works guidance.
  4. Sentiment measurement – a collection of questions designed to support you in measuring sentiment. Read about their development in our Considering Frameworks and the Selection of LE-PANAVA blogpost.
  5. Demographic – three standard demographic questions (age, gender and postcode) and four additional demographic questions (disability, religion, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status). Read about their development in our Demographic Review report.
  6. Experience – three inbuilt experience questions: net promoter score (NPS), overall experience and three words. NPS is a globally recognised metric for measuring the likelihood of customers recommending an event, organisation or product. Overall experience is a popular question which can aid your understanding of an audience’s overarching satisfaction level. Three words allows you to know what words are most frequently used to describe the experience.
  7. Place attachment – a collection of questions developed to accompany dimensions measuring the impact of place-based working. This stems from the Evaluating Place-Based Work research project. The place attachment questions are inspired by research paper by Daniel R Williams et al., titled Beyond the Commodity Metaphor: Examining Emotional and Symbolic Attachment to Place.

Select the question you would like to add to your survey by clicking it. You can also click to select multiple questions to add to your survey. Once you’re happy with your selection, click the ‘Use selected questions’ button on the bottom right of the Question Bank window. Your selected questions will be added to the bottom of the survey.


Screenshot of question being selected in the Question Bank


Some questions in the Question Bank have flexible fields which enable you to edit the subject of the question while still maintaining the consistency of the question. For example, you could personalise the subject type of a question with your organisation’s name as shown below.

Screenshot of the subject of a Question Bank question being changed


Any questions from the Question Bank that have been used in a survey cannot be added again and will be marked as ‘Already in use’.

Screenshot of the Question Bank with an arrow pointing to the 'Already in use' text


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions.